--Flavored Rolling Papers(убрали из меню)

Cigarette paper in a flavor that's perfect for you, order it from Likebongs

Those who have been smoking for a long time know that roll-up cigarettes have a number of advantages over regular cigarettes. Their main quality is a special taste. Smoking roll-up cigarettes and making them with special paper is a whole ritual, not just an everyday habit.

Paper for roll-up cigarettes are presented in the online store likebongs in a variety of flavors:

  • Watermelon is the juiciest summer fruit that came to us from South Africa, it has a bright flavor and pleases with its freshness;
  • Blueberry is a berry that is rich in nutrients, has a bright purple color and sweet flavor;
  • Pineapple, full of a cascade of bright colors, the smell is full of fruity freshness, at the same time it is soft and delicate.

You can also purchase flavored paper in kiwi, Jamaican rum, licorice, cherry, and their combinations. The paper is available to customers of the Likebongs online store, in two sizes: Standard - 1/4 = 70 mm length (32 sheets per pack); King Size 110 mm length (32 sheets per pack).

There are several important parameters to consider when choosing: the material of manufacture, size and density. Beginner smokers mostly choose thicker paper, because it is easier to curl. But experienced smokers prefer thin and almost transparent paper. As for size, standard is used for traditional cigarettes, King Size for joins.

Our service sells paper from the best manufacturers - industry leaders. One of the most famous is the Spanish brand Juicy Jay's. The masters working at its enterprises create paper using a unique "triple impregnation" technology. The result is a pleasant taste on the lips, and tobacco is impregnated with additional flavors naturally. The paper is made from environmentally friendly materials; the glue line is made from sugar, which makes it safe.

Wholesale prices for cigarette paper in classic colors

Buying cigarette paper at likebongs online store is the right decision. Hundreds of users daily choose exactly the service likebongs.com, because we:

  • Set low prices for direct deliveries.
  • Sell the widest range of smoking accessories.
  • In addition to cigarette paper you can buy: bongs, pipes, grinders, cigarette cases, and much more.
  • Provide fast delivery, because we work directly with manufacturers, our company does a minimum trade markup, which means that the purchase of paper for cigarettes becomes the most profitable for you.

The cost of bongs, smoking devices and accessories to them is close to wholesale, flavored paper for roll-up cigarettes is no exception. It can be made in a classic version, representing rectangular sheets of paper in a thin pack. A popular option is a paper with cut corners; with its help it is much easier to roll up cigarettes. Beginners will appreciate a paper made in the form of a pocket. To make roll-up cigarettes, it is enough to fill tobacco, glue the free edge and that's it. If you want to buy paper for roll-up cigarettes that are competitively priced and high quality, contact the online store likebongs.