Colored bongs

How to handle a colorful bong?

To understand how to use colorful water bongs, you need to know at least minimally the anatomy of this unit. Because no matter what type of bong you use, it will have basic key components: The Ground joint is a small but important part of a multicolored bong. It allows the smoke from the bowl to go directly into the water. In some bongs, the ground joint and the bowl are one piece; The base or flask is the part into which water or other liquid is poured to cool and clean the smoke.

Flasks can come in many shapes and volumes; Shaft - increases the path of the smoke and helps it cool better. In most devices, the shaft ends with a rounded neck for ease of use. So, how to handle a colorful bong in order to get the maximum effect and enjoyment from the smoking process. To begin with, we recommend that you don't rush and do some preparations. Depending on what size multicolored bongs you have in your arsenal, you need to prepare a secluded spot for smoking.

If the height of multicolored bongs is more than 30 cm, then set it on a flat even surface so that you could easily light it and light up. We'll talk about what's the most convenient way to light your stuff, below. Prepare your colorful bong for the process and make sure it's clean. Then pour water into the bong (we highly recommend not reusing the bong without changing the water in it). It is difficult to answer exactly how much water to pour into a bong because it depends on the design of the device.

In general, in an ordinary straight bong the level of liquid must be a couple of centimeters above the bottom level of the ground joint (if there is no kicker, this level can be raised), while in bongs with percolators, the bottom of each percolator must be in the water. The water is usually poured through the shaft of the bong. And the main rule of filling a bong with water, perhaps, is that it should cover the ground joint and not pour out through the kicker!