Classic Bong

Holographic bong with fuming made of durable glass.

Glass is a chemically inert material. Nothing happens to glass devices when the temperature drops or rises. But if the borosilicate glass has a fuming coating, then the color of the smoking device will start to change when you change light (not temperature!). Fuming usually involves spraying the thinnest layers of silver or gold. That is why the glass of an unlit vessel has a bluish or yellowish tint. But as soon as you bring the backlight to the device, you get real magic.

This principle is used for this model of the bong, where the holographic effect of the device is caused by artificial lighting. The light on the paint particles is refracted and reflected in different ways, drawing fantastic patterns on the walls of the glass vessel. This smoking device is equipped with a fixed percolator of the Fishhook type with led lighting, which makes the bong glow. The luminous bong with a holographic effect can be ordered online and received in a parcel