Bong 18 inch

An 18 inch glass bong is a great treat.

The most powerful hits can only be provided by a large bong that is more than 15 inches high. Manufacturers also produce models that are taller than 18 inches. Devices made of glass provide special pleasure. The winding journey of the smoke is interesting to watch: it passes through the diffusers, tree or honeycomb system of the percolator. It's also cooled by water and reaches the lungs already well chilled. Of course, a large smoke bong may not be equipped with cleaning and filtration systems - the smoke will still make its way through water and soften.

18-inch bongs for sale:

  • Home smoking devices - used at parties, in companies, but uncomfortable when traveling;
  • Effective at cleaning and filtering smoke;
  • Are often better equipped than 8-inches and 12-inches devices;

Suitable for experienced stoners who smoke a lot and know how to control their condition. The bong must have a stable base. To do this, manufacturers make the flask extended at the bottom or equip the device with a wide base.

In such a device the tube can be either straight or at an angle. The choice of configuration depends on the preferences of the stoner.