Blue bong water

Blue Glass Bongs

In addition to the fact that glass is a handy material, you can create bongs of any size and shape from it. The variety of modern glass bongs is impressive and surprising, which is why they are very popular among stoners. After all, even the simplest devices that do not have any fancy features often look stylish and luxurious. The obvious advantage of glass is that it is very easy to clean!

A blue bong can be cleaned with water.

You can find professional cleaners that will do all the dirty work. But in a pinch, even aggressive improvised means will do, such as alcohol, gasoline, or dishwashing liquid. With proper care, glass smoking devices do not scratch, do not absorb odors, and even after a few years will look like new.

Out of all types of blue bongs, glass bongs produce the cleanest, most aromatic, and gentle smoke. In addition, they are the most technologically advanced and highly developed. Glass can easily be used to create built-in percolators, making the smoking process even more enjoyable. The disadvantages include the fact that a glass unit will cost more than its competitors from other materials.

Also, such smoking accessories are characterized by their fragility. They break more easily than acrylic, and can sometimes be quite heavy. However, the highest quality pieces on the market are made from heavy-duty, heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which allows them to potentially withstand even a drop that would easily destroy cheaper glass bongs. When choosing a blue glass bong, pay attention to parameters such as the size of the device and shape, as well as the thickness of the glass. It is also reasonable to have a splash guard dome that prevents the possibility of dirty water from getting into your mouth. We are offering blue bongs for sale.