Black light bong

Depending on where you plan to use your black bong, choose a device of appropriate height, shape and material. Also be sure to pay attention to the presence of filter systems in the middle of the bong. After all, the more percolators there are in the device, the better the cooling and filtration of the smoke will be.

As for the turbo hole or kicker, the question of its necessity is quite controversial. Because not everyone is used to using it, and many do not even know what it is for. For beginners let us explain, the turbo hole is on the body of the black light bong above the water level. In the process of smoking, it clamps or releases it to adjust the draft, which in turn accelerates the entry of smoke into the lungs. Before making your choice, you need to think about where you plan to use your black water bongs (at home, outdoors, hanging out with friends, etc.).

A massive product will be problematic to take anywhere with you, for outings to nature is better to use compact ergonomic models. Ideally, the height of the device will be up to 30 cm. Black bongs with several percolators are better to use in the house, while outdoors you can buy an inexpensive model of the simplest design. For home use also suit big bongs (height from 45 cm), they will not only work well but also will be a decoration of the interior. When buying the first bong, you should also take into account the experience of smoking magic substances. If for experienced Stoners mini bongs will seem like child's play, then for new users the small size device will be just right.

Regarding the choice of material, the following can be said. If your company parties are usually noisy and long, then we advise choosing silicone or acrylic. These materials are really more reliable and durable. Glass though in 90% of modern bongs is borosilicate, but it still often breaks down. In our store we have black bongs for sale.