8 inch bong

Bong sizes and why they matter The height of a bong is one of the main characteristics of a device and an important criterion for its selection.

The most popular and sought-after models are bongs of 8 inches, which are considered the gold standard because they suit both beginners and experienced stoners. Large devices made of glass and equipped with complex filtration and smoke cooling systems are also on the top of the list. They provide a high level of comfort during smoke sessions. Each type of bongs: mini bongs, medium and large bongs, has its own advantages.

8 Inch Bong

Compact models of 8 inch bongs. Comfortable, they can be smoked on the couch, holding the device in his hands, especially if the tube in the bong 8 inch is not straight, but at an angle. There is always a place for such devices in a bag or backpack. 8 inch glass bongs also have disadvantages but there are few. The main complaints boil down to the quality of the smoke, which does not have time to cool well.

The 8 inch bongs come in: classic straight. These are the models that beginners love, as straight and compact 8 inch bongs are easy to care for, easy to clean, and the volume of the loading bowl for the plant substance is optimal for learning to control your condition during sessions; with a curved tube.

Such 8 inch bongs are easy to smoke, there is no need to bend over them, so the smoker feels comfortable during the session, these models are actively used in the cold season because the roll-up cigarettes in wet weather can fail; Hybrids are devices that are something in between a pipe and a bong of 8 inches, they are quite good at filtering and cleaning the smoke.