8,5 inch bong

Buying a bong for the first or even the hundredth time is not easy. After all, on today's market there are devices for every taste and wallet. And it is very important to make the right choice so that the purchased bong fully meets your expectations. First, decide on the material of the bong. At the moment the most popular 8.5 inch glass bongs. But there are devices from more exotic materials: ceramic, metal, wood. The size of the bong is another important criterion.

The choice of size is very individual and depends only on your preferences.

Medium bongs with a height of 12 inches are considered the most optimal, but small bongs of 8.5 inches and large bongs of 15 inches also have their advantages. And finally, what about the design features. On today's market there are many forms of bongs. These bongs have a curved shaft, and multi-chamber, and classic straight and the device in the form of a chemical beaker, and devices with built in percolators (which provide additional filtration of smoke).

Bongs with a straight shaft will be easy to use for beginners because the smoke in this device moves with minimal resistance and effort. In addition, this smoking device is much easier to wash and clean. Bongs, decorated with the leaves of the plant we know, are steadily in the top of the most popular. And no wonder! The eye pleases, and the soul fills with peace. We advise you not to buy a bong not too big. It must be easy to use and transport.

And what if you are going to the nature or a hike 8,5 inch bong?

And in this case it is not necessary that the bong stick out of the car window. Well a small 8.5 inch water bong will be handy. So stay between 8 and 18 inches high. When buying a bong, don't forget the nets. Otherwise, your expensive stuff will literally go down the drain.