5 inch bubbler

Most bubblers are made of glass, and they will all have a bowl, stem, mouthpiece, and water chamber. It's similar to a bong, isn't it?

The main difference between a barboter and a bong is that it looks and functions more like a pipe, and it can't be taken apart for cleaning. This is inconvenient.

The bubbles are smaller than in a bong, but don't let their size mislead you. Bubblers have the same filtration system as bongs, so the smoke is filtered and cooled, and you get that smooth, jazz-like hit.

Why should I use a 5 inch bubbler?

Maybe you like bongs or pipes. Maybe you like smoking pot. We're sure you'll love soap bubbles. They have all the best features of bongs (bowl, rod, mouthpiece, water chamber - but you knew that), but they look and function like pipes.

You may question why you need one if you already have a bong, so let us ask you one question - can you carry your bong in your pocket? If you don't have Mary Poppins pockets, we assume the answer is no.

That's where the barboter comes into play. You get a smooth, filtered stream of smoke thanks to a water chamber, all in a convenient pipe-sized package.