2 piece herb grinder

What types of grinders are there?

There are grinders with different numbers of parts. A 4 piece herb grinder, includes a pollen collector and a storage section. 2 piece herb grinders are suitable for getting a medium grind, four-piece grinders have a finer grind. What should you look for when choosing a 2 piece herb grinder? Choosing a chopper depends on your wants, needs, preferences and budget. It doesn't matter if you use a bong or dry herb vaporizer, a two-piece herb chopper is right for you. And even if you're using a two-piece grinder, you'll encounter many options, such as blade placement, size, appearance and more. We've put together some useful information about these herb grinders for you to review.


In a 4-piece grinder, the herbs are shredded and fall into the storage section at the bottom. In a two-piece grinder, the herb stays in the shredding area and has to be removed. So shredding may require finer work, and it helps with the sharp teeth and more advanced blade system.


Medical herb grinders are designed to do the same thing, and for the most part there isn't much difference between them. If you want something unique or find a cool design that no one else has, you can find them with us. You'll find lots of cool designs and color combinations in our store.


The larger the diameter, the more blades you can dice your herb, and you can also slice right away. This can result in shorter sharpening times, plus, larger diameters are usually easier to turn back and forth. As you look through the herb choppers, you'll notice that the diameter can sometimes vary.