10 inch bong

10 inch high bongs are great for cleaning smoke, reducing carcinogens, and cooling it to acceptable temperatures. An 8.5 inch glass bong does not do this as effectively, which is why 10 inch bongs are purchased more often. They are also recommended as a first choice because such a unit can still be held comfortably in your hands, you don't have to put it on a horizontal surface.

10 inch glass Bong Pros of the medium bong:

  • Full-fledged smoke relaxation;
  • Equipped with smoke filtration systems, it gives the expected effect.

The amount of water is enough to make the smoke softer, cooler and more pleasant; a huge number of shapes, colors, designs - manufacturers are well aware that customers more often than others prefer medium-sized smoking devices, and therefore offer a wide range of such products. For hiking, camping, picnics, choose 10 inch bongs.

They are lightweight, comfortable and practical. Such a device is affordable, simple and functional. For home collection it is better to buy large bongs with several cleaning chambers - such 10 inch bong can be smoked by a large company.