0.7 inch bong bowl

Why do I need a bong adapter 0.7 inch bong bowl?

If you have a bong that doesn't fit a bowl, you can use a bong adapter. Adapters are needed to use bongs and bowls that do not fit together in diameter. Before placing your order, measure the parts to make sure they are suitable for both items. Measure the tubing that brings the two pieces together. If you don't know which product to order, send us the measurements on the bong and bowl and we'll match you with an adapter.

What bowl for the bong to use?

Important factors to consider are the size of the load, quality, diameter, appearance. The loading size is the amount of weed you can fit in the bong. The loading size is the amount of weed you can fit in the bong. You use a large amount of weed at a time, then you should buy a larger size 0.7 inch bong bowl. You use your bong in company often, then you will find it easier to add more herbs to the bowl.

Can I put concentrates in the bowl?

We do not recommend loading concentrates into the bowl. They leave unwanted soot in the bowl. Concentrates and waxes burn in the bowl, and you should also heat the bowl, not its contents. Such intense heating can cause the glass to crack because it is not suitable for it.