0.6 inch bong bowl

How do you find the perfect bowl for your bong?

For the weed smoker, a bowl is an essential accessory for a bong. Bowls come in different shapes and sizes. When choosing a bowl, pay attention to: loading size, diameter, quality and appearance, for your maximum comfort. We have a wide range of bowls in all sizes to fit almost any bong. Choose a bowl not only because of its appearance, but also for the right size. So that your bowl and bong fit together perfectly.

What diameter should I choose for my bong bowl?

You can determine the diameter of a bong bowl by measuring the hole in the outer rod of the bong. We call this measurement the size of the joint. You can easily sort the right joint size on our site. The most common bongs use a 14.5 mm bong bowl or 0.6 inch bong bowl diameter. For experienced smokers who have strong lungs, we also have some bongs with a joint size of 29.2 mm. They produce a furor, but are not suitable for beginners.