18.8 mm Glass Bubbler Hammer Matrix-Percolator Blue 6.3 | photo 1
18.8 mm Glass Bubbler Hammer Matrix-Percolator Blue 6.3 | photo 2

6.3" 18.8 mm Glass Bubbler Hammer Matrix-Percolator Blue

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  • Height: 6,3 inch
  • Glass thickness: 4 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate glass
  • Color: Transparent with blue
  • Special Features: Matrix percolator
  • Bowl diameter (male): 18.8 mm
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    Do you want to update your smoking arsenal with a cool hit from the world of mini devices? Pay attention to the blue bubbler with matrix percolator, 6.3 inch in height at an unimaginably delicious price. The appearance of a small bubbler attracts with its originality. At first sight, you can take the device for a big smoking pipe. But after getting acquainted with it, you will understand how powerful and functional this device is. The collapsible construction of the glass unit is simple but improved with specific additions. Let's start with the glass bowl for burning the smoking mixture. The large and roomy spherical bowl has double walls and is put on top of the flask. The diameter of the bowl is standard, 18.8 mm. It has round roll-stop handles on the outside to keep it from rolling off the surface. Inside, there is a funnel-shaped cavity with a hole for smoke escape. The hole is small but implies the use of a mesh or filter. The mouthpiece, but more correctly, the smoking hole, is located just under the bowl and is directed sideways at a 90-degree angle. The flask is straight, cylindrical. The base is beveled at a 45-degree angle. And this is a distinctive feature of the model design. The bulb contains a built-in Drum Percolator type matrix percolator. Multiple slots of the drum-type percolator make water or any other liquid literally boil when you draw it from the immeasurable amount of bubbles. Presentable appearance gives a smoking hole and percolator, made of colored glass of blue color. Buy a small original bubbler at a unique cost at the glassware store. You can order on the website. Managers will advise on arising questions, and quickly send your order to your post office or address.

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