Metal Spoon Screen Black Leaf 12 мм | photo 1
Metal Spoon Screen Black Leaf 12 мм | photo 2

0,5 inch Metal Spoon Screen Black Leaf

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  • Brand: Black Leaf
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Accessories: 3 pcs.
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    How often do you have to change the water in your bong due to floret residue inside? Surely every smoker has experienced excessive water contamination due to the lack of screens and the instantaneous ingestion of burnt cone residue. Why you should not neglect such detail as screens? It is very simple, during combustion, not yet completely burned inflorescences follow the airflow and fall into the water, where they safely float and pollute the water. In such a case, if you had a strainer in your bowl, you would, first of all, finish smoking the herbs up to the end and half-burned remnants would not sink; secondly, after all procedures you would easily take out your strainer-spoon and get rid of ashes.

    Characteristics of the spoon-screen It is worth noting that a significant advantage of spoon-screen is its durability and practicality in use. Spoon nets are very easy to use and do not require constant replacement as in the case with conventional screens. Metal spoon-screens are great for bongs with large bowls that have a wide opening. A screen can be essential in situations where the herbs are finely chopped and the hole in the bowl is wide enough.

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