Mini Style Glass Bong with a Carb Blue 5.9 | photo 1
Mini Style Glass Bong with a Carb Blue 5.9 | photo 2

5.9 inch Mini Style Glass Bong with a Carb Blue

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  • Size: 5.9 inch
  • Glass thickness: 3 mm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Color: Clear and Blue
  • Special Features: Carb
  • Use: With water
  • Weight: 110 g
  • Mini, Easy to clean, Classic style
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    Do you like the classics? The blue glass mini bong is your choice! The miniature bulb-like smoking device is a classic of the genre. Streamlined shape, strong stable base, thick borosilicate glass walls of the vessel, which is impossible to burn. And a very reasonable price for a compact bong. The classic little blue glass mini bong, 5.9 inch, is tactile to lie in your hand. The device can be used even on the go. Durable, 4 mm borosilicate glass will withstand the jolt of an auto glove compartment, not to mention the pocket of a hiking backpack or a lyrical mess of a handbag. The store offers a series of classic miniature bongs at a special price. But we'll settle on the blue version. The spherical flask has a turbo hole. They control the density of the smoke independently, causing the Kick effect of smoke relaxation by clamping the hole with your finger. Transparent glass allows you to watch the process of smoking stuff as the smoke passes through the water. By the way, other liquids - wine, juice, milk, or sparkling water are used instead of water. The bowl of the sleeve is roomy enough, allowing you to stay focused on the process for a long time. The diameter of the downstem is 10 mm. If necessary, it can always be replaced, restored, or buy a new, more perfect. The tightness of the fit in the place of entry into the bulb of the downstem with the adapter provides a high-quality rubber seal. You can order the blue glass mini-bong, 5.9 inch on the website at any time convenient for you.

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