Yellow glass bubbler bong

Yellow glass bubbler: what is it and how is it different from a bong?

In its simplest form, the yellow glass bubbler is a smoking device with the passage of smoke through water. There it is filtered and slightly cooled. Most models of bubblers can also be held with one hand, providing functionality as close to a bong as possible. Outwardly it is something in between this smoking device and a pipe, such an intermediate evolutionary link. But in fact, there is a lot of evidence in favor of the fact that it appeared somewhat later. In general, yellow bubblers have a history of development from the simplest miniature devices with one camera to complex, sophisticated devices close in size to a medium-sized bong. So they are very similar, and many models of both literally blur the distinction between devices to the limit. And the materials used are exactly the same. Here again, there is glass, acrylic, wood, metal and plastic. The choice of materials, identical in the smallest detail. Differences After all the above, the natural question arises, but are there any specific differences?-Yes, there are.

The first and most important is the shape. The bubbler's shape is often close to a pipe, even if it is rather bloated. The truth is that here also a wide range of models of the most fantastic shapes makes a certain mess because it is impossible to make out a pipe in them. So what should you do? Look for the handle, it is almost always present in the bubbler and sometimes doubly functional, as it still blows smoke. Another design feature of the device is a closed chamber, which usually has less capacity than most bongs.

Because of this, it is usually quieter, you can not hear the sound of bubbling liquid. And the size still allows it to be held with one hand. Another thing that has an important impact on comfort and adds to the differences is the location of the bowl and the mouthpiece. While the bong usually has the cap resting on the slate at an angle on the side, in the bubbler it is placed vertically over the water. The mouthpiece, on the contrary, is on the side or goes sideways as in a pipe. In practice, it is much more convenient because of the anatomical features of a person - there is no need to bend the head to make a puff