Herb grinder 3 piece

How to use the grinder for tobacco leaves and other mixtures

Using a handheld weed and tobacco grinder is easy: fill the stuff inside and rotate the lid, actuating the cutting elements of the millstones. When the stuff reaches the desired consistency, collect it with the scraper. With multi-section models, the fine fraction is sifted through a system of screens and deposited in the lower tier, from where it is unloaded through special doors by pressing a button. This way it is convenient to collect the pollen of the tobacco mixture without losing a single grain.

It is important not to overload the device for quality grinding of raw materials, otherwise the grid will soon get clogged, and the blades will get blunt. Calculate your ration accurately and choose the container according to your needs and habits. Smoke when you're alone, go for a sleek, petite model. If you like to have a company and surprise your friends, there is a powerful multifunctional machine that will make your evening!

Types and kinds of grinders

As many people as there are preferences! Store for smokers likebongs did not leave any request without attention - the site presents different types of herbal grinders, which differ from each other according to a number of criteria:

  • case material;
  • grinding method;
  • size and configuration; design features.