--Oil Bubblers(убрали из меню)

Glass oil bubblers are devices designed for smoking oil substances. Oil in Oil Bubblers is used in its pure form, moreover, in a fairly minimal amount. The products themselves, in comparison with the bongs, have a small size, which makes them more compact and convenient to carry.

Oil Bubblers consists of a dome and a stem , which is also a reservoir. A stem is made of materials that heat well and retain heat, usually it's metal or glass. The bowl or bulb is also made of glass. It fits snugly against the tube of the bong, covering the stem with smoking oil. In fact, this smoking device is very simple, but it can give a lot of pleasure from smoking.

If you decide to buy Oil Bubblers, then you will also need a special lighter. A directional flow of high-temperature fire instantly warms up a metal or glass stem, designed to house an oily extract. Choose in our online store likebongs.com Oil Bubblers and do not forget to share your impressions with us.