Clear beaker bong

The intensity and taste of the smoke will depend on what liquid is filled in the classic bong. It is also very important that the liquid has a significant impact on the effectiveness of smoking. As alternative liquids to water, you can use sparkling water, juices, milk, alcohol and others.

That's exactly where you can go wild! So choose, experiment, and find your option! Before you fill up the bowl of the classic bong with the smoking substance, we recommend grinding it well. For this purpose, use a grinder, it will accelerate the process. Put the mixture into the ground joint in small portions, and do not tamp it down too much with your finger. Otherwise, it will be hard to stretch. By the way, if you don't want to spoil the batch and suck the burning stuff into a container of the old-school bong, don't forget to install a special grid for classic bongs in the grinder.

There is a huge variety of them available in our store. The most common and acquired in the circle of adepts of some vegetable substance are metal meshes, but there are also glass, stone, and other instances.

Pick up a mesh for bongs can also be in our rasta shop, our selection is great, and in the case of difficulties with the choice - you can always get advice from our experts. When you've got the mix from hell, and your old school bongs are ready for use, gather your friends into a tight circle and set the order of the bong's transition. Clockwise or counterclockwise, it doesn't matter. The main thing is not to leave anyone out or offend anyone. Next, let's break down what to light and how to smoke properly with this device. You can also find a good selection of classic bongs for sale here.