Bongs under 40 $

How to choose under 40 dollar bong?

Buying a budget glass bong is not an easy task, as it is not surprising for a beginner to get lost in the range of smoke shop! In the assortment of the Likebongs online store, you can choose and buy under 40 dollar bongs, and we also want to give you a lot of useful tips. So, what criteria should be taken into account in order to buy a good quality bulbulator under $40? First, you need to decide on the material of manufacture of the device.

Material is a key factor to consider when choosing a bong. Borosilicate glass. This is the most fragile and most common material for making bongs today. Glass bongs perfectly cool and filter smoke, do not absorb odors, are easy to operate and maintain. Devices made from this environmentally friendly material are distinguished by their unique shape and exclusive appearance. Basically, these are handmade devices that are easy to clean and comfortable to smoke.

The second selection criterion is the size under 40 dollar bong. Miniature bongs are very easy to transport and inexpensive, but large bongs often contain many technical bells and whistles that increase the efficiency of smoking by an order of magnitude. Medium-sized bongs are a compromise between compactness and functionality. And small and medium-sized bongs fall into this price segment. Another criterion is formed. If you do not touch on design models, then everything is quite simple with the form. The shaft can be straight or inclined at an angle, and the flask is in the form of a ball, cone, or maybe completely absent!

Ease of care, stability, the amount of liquid that can be poured and the appearance of the device depend on the shape of the bong. The presence of percolators, diffusers, and additional filter elements is also an important parameter that affects the cost of the device. But, let's be honest, it will be difficult to choose a quality bong with a percolator or diffuser in this segment, but be sure to carefully look at the selection of products on this page and you may be lucky and you can buy such an option.

If you are buying your first device, seriously consider inexpensive bongs. Such an acquisition will save you money and help you decide which features of the device you most need.